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Treo680 ROM recovery

I thought I’d figure out how to use the debug tools to flash the Treo. But before that, I thought I’d document a few Palm codenames I’ve seem floating around in some of their official ROM flashing tools.

Codenames :

Palm T5 : Angus (Platform), TnT5(DeviceID)
Palm TX : Devon (Platform), D050(DeviceID)
Lifedrive : Brahma (Platform), TunX(DevceID)
Treo 650 : Ace (Platform), H102(DeviceID)
Treo 680 : Lowrider (Platform), Camino(Hardware), Nitro, D053(DeviceID)
Treo 700p : Ventura (Platform), D052(DeviceID)
Treo 755p : Torino (Platform), Sherlock, D060(DeviceID)

Essential reading:

Programming Development Tools Guide.
Alvin Mok’s Palm codename list


Down and reset > SmallROM debugger (bootstrap code to initialise the hardware), starts communicating at 57600 baud.

Interesting commands :

bootstrap <“hwInitFileName”> <“romFileName”> [\slow]
dump <“filename”> <addr> <numBytes>
save <“fileName”> <addr> <numBytes>
g <addr>
storeinfo <cardNum>
t and s (step)

===== Welcome to the Palm OS SmallROM Debugger!! =====
+$00EC  10000448  *PEA       $FFFFFFFF                   ; FFFFFFFF    | 4878 FFFF

Booting ROM...
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