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CatEye TL-LD130 to TL-LD150

February 24, 2009 1 comment

Whilst replacing some dead batteries in my bicycle light, I noticed that the circuit board was slightly under populated, it had three LEDs rather than the five you might expect judging by the two interstitial gaps.

I placed a quick order to RS for what I hoped would be some similar LEDs to solder in place. I picked some 5mm clear ones with luminous intensity of  5500mcd and a view angle of 30degrees.

The next morning I received a quantity of five :

RS Stock No. 4966156 – HLMP-ED31-SV000 Red 30deg LED

Disassembling the CatEye TL-LD130 is childs play, and the soldering is also simple and easy (be quick as too much heat will damage the LED reducing it’s brightness). Seen below is the first LED having been soldered in place.

Note there’s nothing for C2, R2, or Q1. I can only guess what they’re for as I didn’t choose to experiment with attaching SMD caps or resistors to them.

And here’s the not-very-exciting final product (effectively a CatEye TL-LD150), which works beautifully!

If you’re thinking of doing the same (the LEDs cost exactly £2 delivered), then you may choose to use LEDs with a smaller view angle than 30 degrees, I think the originals probably have a 15 degree view angle.

Of course this modification also reduces the hours of runtime for the light, from about 150hours to about 90hours depending on the output mode you use.

Also a warning that you’ll need to be as brief as possible whilst soldering them as too much heat will dramatically and permanently reduce the light output of the LEDs.

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