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ZFS MacBook Pro – What should have been

June 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Just a few thoughts …

  1. We know there was ZFS read and write support planned for Apples’ forthcoming Snow Leopard Server OS release.
  2. We know there are 64-bit MacBookPro’s out there with Expresscard34 slots.
  3. We know there are Expresscard34 SolidStateDisks available.
  4. We know there are large 500GB SATA rotating disk drives available.

So why couldn’t we have had ZFS on the (cheap and large) internal spinning disk and the ability to put an SSD ExpressCard in the slot for use as L2ARC ?

Except, in reality, we got an ExpressCard slot backed off a USB2 controller rather than a PCI-Express lane, ZFS support seems to have dropped off the radar and the new MBP’s dropped ExpressCard support anyway. Pity.

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