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BT HomeHub3 – Flash layout

BTHomeHub3A – OpenRG – Version

Flash layout:

Section 00 Type U-BOOT BOOTSTRAP Range 0x00000000-0x00008000 MaxSize 0x00008000
No more information.

Section 01 Type U-BOOT Range 0x00008000-0x00054000 MaxSize 0x0004C000
No more information.

Section 02 Type U-BOOT ENV Range 0x00064000-0x00068000 MaxSize 0x00004000
No more information.

Section 03 Type IMAGE Range 0x00074000-0x00AF4000 MaxSize 0x00A7C000
Size 0x0092E9E9 Name 'Image downloaded from: http://pbthdm.bt.motive.com/firmware/'
Checksum 0x49FC7413 Counter 0x00000007 Start Offset 0x00000000

Section 04 Type IMAGE Range 0x00B64000-0x015E4000 MaxSize 0x00A7C000
Size 0x009E60FC Name 'Downloaded at: Wed Aug 21 15:37:16 2013'
Checksum 0x4FAF4728 Counter 0x00000008 Start Offset 0x00000000

Section 05 Type LOG Range 0x00000000-0x00100000 MaxSize 0x000FFF6C
Flash file: /mnt/ffs/crash.log

Section 06 Type CONF Range 0x00000000-0x00050000 MaxSize 0x0004FF6C
Flash file: /mnt/ffs/rg_conf.1
Size 0x0000AAC8 Name 'rg_conf'
Checksum 0x00565A40 Counter 0x00005F5E Start Offset 0x00000000

Section 07 Type CONF Range 0x00000000-0x00050000 MaxSize 0x0004FF6C
Flash file: /mnt/ffs/rg_conf.2
Size 0x00009A2B Name 'rg_conf'
Checksum 0x004D69E4 Counter 0x00005F52 Start Offset 0x00000000

Section 08 Type FACTORY Range 0x00000000-0x00010000 MaxSize 0x0000FF6C
Flash file: /mnt/ffs/rg_factory
Size 0x00000737 Name 'rg_factory'
Checksum 0x00019CA3 Counter 0x00000004 Start Offset 0x00000000

Section 09 Type EEPROM Range 0x00000000-0x00020000 MaxSize 0x00020000
Flash file: /mnt/ffs/eeprom.bin
No more information.

Total 10 sections found.

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