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Godaddy domainname parsing fail.

September 1, 2015 Leave a comment


A product expert will be with you soon. Position in Queue is 2. Thank you
for your patience.
 You are now chatting with 'Sergio'
 Sergio - Hey there! Welcome to Sales Chat!
 you - Hi. Trying to signup for an SSL certificate
 you - I'm here :
 you - But I have a problem.
 Sergio - OK, it looks like you are looking for the free SSL, you would need
to summit that form.
 you - Yes, but the page validation code rejects emails with hyphens in.
 Sergio - Ok, you can try to re enter the email or try a different address.
Unfortunately there is not much we can help you with this since its just a
form you need to enter.
 you - So, godaddy wont fix this ?
 Sergio - If you can provide me all of that Information i can see if it
allows me to submit
 Sergio - But i am not sure if after I hit submit if it requires additional
information I might not be able to submit further.
 you - For a company who deal with DNS, this is slightly farcical that you
can't parse a domain name properly.
 Sergio - It sure is the Hyphen
 Sergio - Give me a minute I will see what I can do to get this rectified.
 Agent has left the chat...

Thanks Sergio, but I’m not sure I’m feeling like using GoDaddy anymore if they can’t even get the basics right! It would have been nice to see this resolved before you decided you couldn’t help anymore.