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DD-WRT, DNSmasq, fight!

May 7, 2012 1 comment

I half completed this mini project, including getting a GPS driven ntp time source working, but haven’t felt it necessary to finish the write-up…


  1. DHCP addresses for all connected hosts (some statically allocated)
  2. DNS caching on the router
  3. DHCP hostnames available through DNS (DNSmasq [Local DNS])
  4. (optional) Blackhole certain DNS queries for ad blocking (add-hosts/pixelserv?)
  5. (optional) DHCP options (4|42) – Time Server (Clients to sync time to router) (DNSmasq “dhcp-option = 42,”)
  6. (optional) DHCP options (7) – Log Server (Central syslog server)
  7. (optional) DHCP options (123) – GeoConf